It all began in early 1968 with Mr Peter Tattersall founder of The Strawberry Studios, Eric Stewart Member of 10cc and a small studio above a Record shop in Stockport. Later moving to The famous number 3 Waterloo Road The Strawberry Recording Studios gained its name from Peters favourite Song The Beatle’s Strawberry Fields Forever..

To Celebrate The Stockport Museum have pieced together an Exhibition loaded with Memorabilia, Photographs and mountains of facts for us to see.

The Exhibition begins with a room dedicated to the Studios early years, Its formation and how it developed,  The Original Recording equipment used to Record all 10ccs and many famous tracks is on show. The Red Gibson 335 Guitar used in the video I’m Not In Love takes Centre stage in the middle of the room.

In the connective corridor a magnificent mosaic piece graces the wall, made purposely for the Exhibition by Mark Kennedy who id responsible for The Mosaic Art Work on Manchester’s Afflex Palace.

Upon entering the rear room I had to take a breath as I found Myself in Music heaven, surrounded by Photographs, write ups from The Studios involvement with Factory Records, Joy Division, The Stone Roses, The Happy Mondays and The Buzzcocks. A piece of The Original Dance Floor from The legendary Hacienda stood proudly in a display cabinet.

I could use considerably large words to describe how I felt but i’m a Manc so i’ll keep it real IT WAS MINT.

I considered The photograph of Joy Division which was taken the day Transmission was recorded extra special.


joy division

However on the other side of the room stood the real Gem, The actual Strawberry Studios Booking Diary which ran from 1980-1981. I instantly asked The official historian Peter Wadsworth “Could you show me where Joy Division were booked in during this period please” He scanned the pages and there it was Sunday July 14th 1980 Factory Records Joy division. I looked at Peter wide eyed and It broke my heart a little upon realising Joy Division never made it to the appointment at Strawberry that day.



In the Diary Two Weeks Entries are missing, completely torn out, from March 5th to the 18th all entries are removed. I asked where they were? Peter told me he had previously asked The Manager of Strawberry The same question to be told “We can’t remember” . What happened during that period remains unknown only by a select few but I speculate they do remember.

The Exhibition demonstrates Strawberry Studios contribution in massively shaping  British music and crowning Manchester as Music Capital of the world.

It is a must see for any Manchester Music Fan. The Exhibition will run at The Stockport Museum until January 2018.

Lisa Devoy