We all know Morrissey has never been on the fence regarding his avid Vegan lifestyle and is often rather expressive with his views on meat and animal product consumption.
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He took his ethics to a whole new level in 2015 when  he cancelled a gig in Iceland which was due to take place at the Harper Concert Hall following the venues refusal to abide by his No Meat policy for ALL of his shows.

“I love Iceland and I have waited a long time to return but I shall leave the Harper Concert Hall to their cannibalistic flesh eating bloodlust.”

Strong words ones which the venues booked including The Hollywood Bowl who have never gone Meat Free before are not going test as they’ve all agreed to go at least Vegetarian for the day and are expected to be serving Vegi sandwiches, Falafel based products and Avocado on toast…  quite the contrary to the usual Burger and a pint which we have grown to expect at events.


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